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New World Mission Dunamis




Cell 076 1968 980


School of Theology and School for Community Development

Accredited by New World Mission Dunamis International Church

and New World Mission Dunamis is listed with 

government, with Marriage Rights and New World Mission Community Development is Registered with the Department of Social Development –

Registration number: 017-206 NPO for 2002

PROSPECTUS 2005 - 2006

New Information at


Afrikaanse Inligting Beskikbaar op aanvraag of by ons Web Adres:

Registration = R250 at


 ABSA BANK. 91 337 580 32

Self study Courses 2005 to do in your own time, any time..

Introduction Subjects lead to the Theological Degree. You may receive Credit and Discount for previous experience.


THE CHURCH IN ACTION a BIBLE INTRODUCTION b MINISTRY c EVANGELISM SOTERIOLOGY EVANGELIST FIRST DIPLOMA Through our own research and the help of our Internet University we are able to reduce the expenses and offer the courses at affordable fees Evangelist @ R250 P.M. Within 12 Months if you continue to the Ministers Course - Or R1500 Cash within 10 Months. If you pay Cash we will send the complete course within days and your Diploma as soon as we receive your completed courses and exam- results within 10 Months. EVANGELIST FREE ORDINATION CERIFICATE If your church do not ordain you as their Evangelist, then you will be ordained as a World Evangelist with us on request- but we hope you will inform your church about your studies and rather work together with your Pastor or Reverend. Your church may enroll students with us and then we need to work together and share the love of Christ, our Lord as His Body. Now you are able to Evangelize the Nations and even conduct a funeral. Second Year :COURSE B / 7) PNEUMATOLOGY STUDENTS MAY CONTINUE WITH THE PASTORAL SUBJECTS AFTER COMPLETION OF 12 MONTHS EVANGELISM COURSE 8) BIBLE PANORAMA


THEOLOGY   PASTORAL THEOLOGY HOMILETICS BIBLE DOCTRINES ESCATALOGY PASTOR THE LIFE OF CHRIST PASTORAL STUDIES SECOND DIPLOMA FOR Pastor or Reverend R1500 Cash within 24 months or within one year if the Evangelistic Course was completed. R250 pm. Remember if you pay more than R250 per Month you will receive more Courses and may complete the Ministers course within 12 Months or less, if you paid Cash R1200.Please inform your Church about your studies and apply to be ordained as soon as you are ready .If you are not ordained by your own church you may join us and receive a FREE ORDINATION CERIFICATE as Pastor of New World Mission Dunamis. You may begin your own Ministry and Congregation.Internal affairs require the 3 years course plus an exam with Internal affairs. We will assist you with the law on marriages .You may continue with the Degree course before application for a Marriage License. We do recommend this.


= R1700 Cash OR R370 to R420 PM.

Remember for the BIBLE TEACHER Diploma, again if fees are paid Cash or more than R320 per Month means you will be able to complete the course very quick if you find enough time to study. .MARRIAGE COUNCILOUR CHURCH FOUNDING.3..ADMINISTRATION OF MINISTRIES 4..ADVANCED THEOLOGY5.Missionary Studies6.. EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP..



1.THEOLOGICAL DEGREE Course R2500 Cash 0r  R250 P.M.

MASTERS DEGREE Course R3000 Cash or R350 PM.

2.COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Courses for DEGREES =R2500 Cash or R300 per Month MASTER'S = R3000 Cash or R350 p.m.DOCTOR'S = R4000 Cash or R400 p.m. Special course;-MOTIVATION, BUSSINESS SKILLS FOR  AFRICA AND DEVELOPMENT.FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIPLOMA or DEGREE DOCTORAL DEGREE Courses. Theological or Community Development Doctorate(Available Now.) R4000 Cash Or R250 to R500 PM

Please make sure to read and study the Information documents as well. MAKE A Quality Decision FOR NOW AND FOREVER.

Gods love is elegant and powerful. Christ embodied that love unto death. Today, that same love motivates the people of God to share their faith in Jesus with others using Bible courses as the teaching mechanism.

Degree Bible School

Associate Degree Course List.

Course 1 = Introduction to the faith and Evangelism

course summary:

Eternal Life, Walking in the Light, The new birth ect.

Course 2 = The Bible 1

Course summary:

The study of the Bible, The Books of the Bible, Names of the Bible,

What the Bible is not, What the Bible is, The Five Old Testament, Divisions, The five New Testament Divisions,

Facts about the Bible, The Canon of Scripture,

The Apocryphal Books, The In errancy of Scripture,

Gnosticism, Inspiration, Why, so many Translation?

Which is best? Is the King James Bible God's Word?

(1933 vertaling in Afrikaans..)

Course 7 = Advanced, beginner to Lecturer for Master's Degree with Introduction to Doctorate.

Course 20 = Soteriological Terms

There are a total of 77 courses. The above list is just a partial list to show some coursework.

Self study Courses with Biblical principles accredited by

New WORLD MISSION dunamis International (non Gov.)

Do you need a Honorary Degree?

Honorary Degree within 3 Months, according to life experiences. (No exams ) Registration plus administation (from) R550 per Month= R2250 Total, write us a letter about your own life and you may receive a Honorary Degree if you qaulify.

Please send us a letter with your Names, surname, Address, life experiences, Who is God to you? What do you know about God? Ect. Your C.V. Is welcome also but optional.

Please remember to pay your Registration and Monthly fees.


Do it today and receive your Honorary Degree soon.

Kyk gerus na ons Internet Universiteit by:-

Dr. Louis M. De Bruin Ph.D. (h.c.)

President:NWMDU and D.B.S. Dip.Theo. D.D. BSSA D.c.D.

Degree or Diploma Bible School

New World Mission Community Development

Self study Courses with Biblical principles accredited by

New WORLD MISSION dunamis International (non Gov.)

Certificate within 3 Months

Diploma from 6 to 12 Months

Degree from 10 Months to 18 Months

Depending on your own efforts ..

Course list:

NEGOTIATING SKILLS Advanced Certificate or Diploma


Advanced Certificate or Diploma

The Business Plan Certificate

Customer Service: With Introduction to Tourism and Communication Advanced Certificate or Diploma

Web design HTML courses DIPLOMA


Internet Business Development Diploma or Degree

This is only part of a great list of courses we have to offer..

Ask any other course and we will inform you if we are able to meet your need.

Please write us a letter, Register and write your details clearly -eg. Your names address, qualifications and life experience

May God bless your heart and life from this day..

Please tell your friends about us. If you refer a faithful student to us we will give you 10% discount for every new student you enroll with us as soon as they pay their fees.

Please feel free to link your web site to us. You may promote and help

develop as this is a Community

Development project from 2005 until 2006.

You may begin with your Degree as soon as you are ready. Some of the Diploma

subjects is part of your course for a Degree.

These course are not only for self enrichment but may be useful in ministry and

the workplace

New Members Welcome. Our Executive Council, Leaders, Partners and Students for 2005 -2006

Dr. L.M. De Bruin, Mev. Francina Van Niekerk, Ev. Isaac Ponti Mosia,

Dr. Godwin Booysen, Professor K.C. Harrington, Dr. Sibiya, Dr. J.J. De Bruin, Pastor A.P. Brooks, Me A.S.E. Oberholser, Rev. Galford M. Qalase, Pastor Phillip Messelaar, Rev.A.E. Scherman,

Rev. Joseph M. Abramse, Ev.Klasie Van Der Merwe,

Teacher Nthoto Maria Monei.

Community Development Leaders; Pastor Emmanuel Msadu, Me Maria M. Ngake,

H. Charismatic Maqashela, Mr Tefo Joseph Likotsi, Me M.M. Griessel,

Mr.Godfrey S. Baartman, Me K. Brink,

Prisons; Mr.William Sipho Zondi.

New Applications: Mev.C.F.E. Marais, Mnr. Johannes Heinrich Buffel, Mnr. Hendrik Mathews. Mr. Petrus Leew, Rev. T.J. Moletsane, Mr. B. Silingile

Partners and Meetings for Networking 2005 Vriende en Moontlike Netwerk belangstelling: Rev. G.M. Qalase, Past. P. Messelaar, Past. J.M. Abramse, Ds. Johann Knoetze, Kroonstad Pastors Library meeting February 2005. Pastor Anton Mosterd (Missionaries for Africa)

Aansoek vir Ere Doktorsgraad: Dr. Henry D. Du Plessis van Pretoriase Akademie vir Christelik-volkseie Hoer Onderwys (Training Manager)

Young man celebrating college graduation

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